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Canton Fair - Hydraulic components

Time:2014-9-3     Source:Cantonfair

The 116th Canton Fair will be started on15th October, 2014. This business Fair will be cataloged into three phases. The hydraulic components will be exhibited in the first phases from 15th to 19th. 

Below is the exhibiting products for general machinery.

· General Machinery: Pumps, Valves, Draught Fans, Compressors

· Small Processing Machinery : Electric Welding Machines, Gas Cutting Machines, Cutting Machines, Machine Tool Accessories,  Bench Drills,  Grinders,   Grinding Materials,  Diamond & Diamond Products,  Other Small Machinery

· Industrial  Accessories: Bearings, Hard Body, Chains, Spring, General Valves, Casting Products, Forging Products, Moulds, Gears, Powder Metallurgy, Pneumatic Components, Seal Components, Hydraulic Components and Parts, other Spare Parts.

· Instruments: Electronic Instruments, Electric Instruments, Microscopes, Surveying & Mapping Instruments, Observation Instruments, Physical Optical Instruments, Other Optical Instruments, Material Testing Machines, Geological Exploration Equipment and Instruments,  Thermodynamic Instruments, Automation Instruments,  Construction Test Instruments,   Hydrological Instruments & Civil Engineering Instruments,  Laboratory Instruments,  Special Instruments,  Other Physical & Chemical Instruments

· Camera Instruments: Cinematographic Instruments,  Photographic Instruments,  Other Photomechanical & Cinematographic Instruments

· Printing Apparatus

· Household Sewing Machines & Spare Parts,  Weaving Supplies

· Transport Equipment: Ship Equipment and Spare Parts, Underwater Special Equipment, Aeronautic Equipment and Spare Parts, Railway Vehicles and Related Equipment

· Vehicle Equipment Maintenance: Oil Nuzzle Washing and Sterilizing Machines, Vehicle Lifts, Used Oil Extraction Machines, Tyre Changers, Balancing Machines, Four Wheel Alignment Equipment, and Car Washing Machine

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